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Saanich Police Application for New Recruits

All applicants will begin a through and detailed process of screening and suitability. This will begin with submitting a comprehensive package of personal information and hopefully ending with an offer of employment. If you are successful you will attend the police academy at the Justice Institute of BC in New Westminster for basic training, which is called Block I training. You will then return to SPD for Block II where you will be field trained by an experienced officer.  During this training, recruits apply knowledge and training learned in Block I to real life situations and calls for service. All field trainers are experienced and trained to provide effective coaching, mentoring, and support to this very important developmental stage in a recruit’s career. Upon completing Block II field training all recruits return to the police academy for Block III. Upon successful completion of Block III you will graduate with your class and return to SPD where you will begin your career in our Patrol Division.

Please Note

Before you fill out the application form please ensure you have all required documents ready to upload.

Apply for the Saanich Police New Recruits Program

Please download and fill out these forms. Return them using the application form below.

To complete the forms you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on your computer.

If you are successful in your application, you will be invited to the next stage of the recruiting process.

Step 1

Application packages MUST include all of the following

Note:  You may include the documentation from Step 2 if completed at the time of this application.  Otherwise, they must be sent in Step 2, using the Update Application button below.

For tips on how to complete and send a document electronically, see our FAQ page.

Step 2


When completed, send using the Update Application button

Step 3

In addition to the above documentation

  1. Official stamped copies of educational transcripts are required for the highest level of education completed. These documents must be forwarded to the Saanich Police Staff Development Division directly from the school/college/university by mail in a sealed envelope or by email. If transcripts are received in any other manner, they will not be accepted.

2. An original signed copy of the Authorization for Release of Information document is required and must be mailed to the Saanich Police Department to:

Saanich Police Department
760 Vernon Ave,
Victoria BC, V8X 2W6


  1. Download the “Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire” form below by clicking “download form”
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, if not please use the link above to install the program.
  3. In your downloads folder locate the file called “PIQ V5.pdf”
  4. Right click on the file and hover over the option “open with” then from the options presented click “Adobe Acrobat DC”
  5. Wait for the form to open in Adobe Acrobat DC
  6. Fill out the form and save to your computer
  7. Submit the filled “PIQ V5.pdf” along with your application using the form below.

Download All Files


Download Files to Fill Online Using Adobe Acrobat

Recruit Applicant Questionnaire

Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire

Download Files to Print, Fill and Scan

Vision Assessment Form

Hearing Assessment Form

Authorization for Release of Information Form

Applicant Checklist

(for your reference only)


Completed Forms

Saanich Police New Recruit Application Form

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