Our Mission

The Saanich Police Department is committed to providing quality police service by working with the community to keep Saanich safe.

About Spd

Police Positions
Civilian Positions
Reserve Constables

The Saanich Police Department operates under the direction of the Saanich Police Board, the civilian governing body responsible for selecting the Chief Constable and for providing oversight of our strategic plan, policy and finances. The department currently has 185 police positions, 60 civilian positions, and 50 Reserve Constables. It is further broken down into six divisions with functions ranging from operations to administration, each under the command of an inspector reporting to the Office of the Chief Constable.

Our organization is complemented by a range of volunteers, including our crime prevention students, those in our Block Watch and ACE programs, as well as our Reserve Constables who dedicate their time, energy and expertise in a variety of functions such as road safety, crime prevention and community engagement.

Central to the activities of the Saanich Police is a commitment to a formal, five-year Strategic Plan encompassing the philosophy of Community Policing.  The Strategic Plan serves as a set of guidelines for staff when considering how to best deliver services.  Each year, work plans are created in order to respond to emerging issues and making any required course corrections.  The Strategic Plan is available to the public and can be found here.

Our Values

We hold true certain values that guide how we provide our service and direct the manner in which we treat each other and the community. We stand behind our values and offer them as the standard by which our actions may be measured to ensure that we provide the highest quality service to the Municipality of Saanich.


We treat all people with Respect, regardless of circumstance


We act in a manner that allows other to Trust in what we do


We act with Integrity in all situations


We are all Accountable for our decisions


We are Compassionate in our dealings with others


We ensure Fairness guides our actions

Open Communication

We are committed to Open Communication

Community Partnerships through Teamwork

We build Community Partnerships through Teamwork and collaboration

Major Divisions

The Saanich Police Department consists of the following six divisions.  Each division is comprised of several sections and units which can be reviewed in detail on our organizational chart below, click here for the full size image.

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